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Diversion Reporting

Smithrite Smart Waste Diversion Reporting

Would you like to know what you are throwing out and what you are recycling each month?”

Diversion Reporting provides a monthly report with estimates in regards to your recycling, so you can track your monthly diversion rates. Diversion Reporting also helps us identify when it makes sense to offer more education, or where to focus specific efforts around training.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Smithrite Smart Waste Diversion Reporting

What is a Diversion Report?

A diversion report shows the materials being disposed and diverted from landfill. Your waste and recycling percentages are shown in our diversion report.

What is diversion?

Sending materials away from the landfill, such as recycling.

How do you calculate diversion?

To calculate your diversion rate, you need to know the total amount of all waste generated and, of that, how much was recycled, repurposed, composted or otherwise kept from going to the landfill.

A simple way of estimating diversion is to monitor the volume of waste and recycling you generate. For example:

Janice’s parents put the garbage and recycling cans out on the curb for collection every week. Both cans are usually full. So…

    • total amount of waste generated per week = 2 cans
    • total amount of waste recycled per week = 1 can
    • 1 can recycled per 2 cans generated = 1/2 = 50% diversion

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